Are you interested in discussing the specific requirement in your State Constitution (and in the SC Constitution and in most if not all other State Constitutions) ... which if effectively made into State election law ... would inherently ban all use of mail-in ballots ... and create a starting point for creation of Election Integrity in regard to proper uses of mail-in ballots?

Please call me ... Bill Coleman, Greenville SC, 864-419-27 97, 10am - 8pm or anytime I answer my phone, any day.

SC Constitution ...

Article II, "SECTION 1. Elections to be by secret ballot; protection of right of suffrage. All elections by the people shall be by secret ballot, but the ballots shall not be counted in secret. The Right of suffrage, as regulated in this Constitution, shall be protected by laws regulating elections and prohibiting, under adequate penalties, undue influence from power, bribery, tumult, or improper conduct."

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Great recap

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Yes, We are! Thank you for fighting for us all! 🇺🇲

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