We have our motion to reconsider hearing tomorrow at 10:45 in Judge McIntosh's courtroom regarding the SEC being able to get out of our CVR lawsuit. Please plan on attending. It is virtual again. Go to sccourts.org/calendar/ Click on Circuit Scroll down to McIntosh, R. Lawton and…
Are our election systems transparent in SC?
Split decision - we are still in the fight
You can attend virtually. Here are the instructions
Please read the below info and mark your calendars for February 11th and the 14th!
Here is an update on the CVR lawsuit. Our lawyers filed motions to compel evidence (we want to prove they have retained the 2020 data) and also filed…
SC Safe Elections continues the fight to ensure your vote counts
We are experiencing a profound pattern of a loss of our freedoms as we don’t feel we have control over so many aspects of our lives. Do you feel that…
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